When heaven touches earth, people will be changed!

When heaven touches earth, people will be changed!

I am sitting here, going through pictures of the crowded altars, the tears stained faces, the people who have been saved, healed, and filled…I thank God for revealing my purpose, saving my soul, and anointing me for service in His Kingdom. It’s amazing how he found me: drugged, drunken and in despair.

Anyone in their right mind would have already written me off – and all had, except for a little woman who had birthed me, and continued praying for me. The woman who had told me about the Man from Galilee (Jesus). He came to me at my lowest, and gave Me His greatest; His amazing Grace. How can I not serve Him with all my heart…this Jesus, who has redeemed me?! Even though, I leave behind my family in His care, what an honor and privilege to globally and boldly proclaim this amazing miracle restoring, sin forgiving, body healing, power of heaven! And it is now available for All!

To see with my own eyes, the blind eyes open and the deaf mutes hear and speak, to see the crooked limbs being made straight and the possessed and imprisoned being freed from Satan’s lying web of deception, is life changing. Seeing what I am seeing removes any and all questions of does He truly love mankind… for He is desperately calling to all to rehearse your personal encounter with Him and tell others! For the Bible says, “We overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word or our testimony!” He is returning soon! Hurry, quickly, put on the robe of labor, and tell everyone He cares, He loves, He heals and most of all forgives. Truly, “When Heaven touches earth, people will be changed”.

Expecting everyday miracles…everyday.

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